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Shiraga Kazuo, Challenging Mud, (1955)

 The 1st Gutai Art Exhibition broke new ground by staging actions that used the body as a medium. (Years before the body based performance art that became common in the 1960’s and 1970’s). One of the most interesting works in this vein was Shiraga  Kazuo’s Challenging Mud. During this performance, he made use of his entire body in all dimensions to “unconsciously express his existence in matter”. His own body replaced the traditional paintbrush and so the artist literally entered and turned into his work. The relics of this performance – a pile of mud, was left on view for the remainder of the exhibition as an artwork in it’s own right, expanding (perhaps for the first time) what could constitute a painting.

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by Robert Mapplethorpe

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"Vaporwave musician 情報デスクVIRTUAL, alias of musician Vektroid, described her album 札幌コンテンポラリー as “a brief glimpse into the new possibilities of international communication” and “a parody of American hypercontextualization of e-Asia circa 1995.”"

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